TV Episode #2 – Hand Crafted – The Surfboard Maker

Well it happened, TV appearance number 2! Another show on the Telus Optik network, this one is called "Hand Crafted" and it documents people who make 'hand crafted' things! The episode that I'm in is called "The Surfboard Maker" and I'm one of the surfers in the flic. Unfortunately I'm not the one making the hand crafted boards! Hand Crafted Surfboard MakerREAD MORE

Salt Fresh & Field – My TV Show Debut!

Well, it's happened. I've made it onto a 7 minute TV show! The show is called "Salt Fresh & Field - Dungeness Crab" and features host Chad Brealey, Brandon Wright, and friends going free diving on Vancouver Island. The episode's summary: "Chad heads to Willows Beach near Victoria, BC. If you’re like him and you’re comfortable holding your breath as long as you can, 25 ft underwater, diving for your ... READ MORE

Working in the Middle East – 6 Things They Don’t Tell You

Working in the Middle East comes with its challenges. However, you will need to remember that you've chosen to take the leap to the Middle East because you are a thrill seeker and because you want to experience life in a foreign country! I have personally spent over a year "feet on the ground" as a security consultant in the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia and enjoyed (almost) every second of ... READ MORE